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Free retro soccer game

CPC Soccer Community Edition allows you to reminisce about the excitement of playing the original 8-bit sports game. With this, you can now break free from the limits the Amstrad CPC console posed. Select 1 of the 20 international teams and put the members to their paces in either a casual exhibition or the CPC cup. Whether you play against 4, 9, or 16 teams, it is up to you to choose between playing against a PC or another player. 

Take the league!

CPC Soccer Community Edition pins you against real players as well as artificially intelligent ones. The fun soccer simulation game puts you in charge of an international soccer team; take them to practice, friendly games, and high-stakes competitions. You can enlist three other players to be a part of your team or play against you. Before any match, you will need to select the participants of your team. 

Each team is assigned a different set of overall statistical points. You must review each player’s score before revising the starting lineup. This allows you to optimize each player’s ability throughout the match. The match appears as a bird’s eye view of the field; only four colors will appear on the field - green, white, black, and red. The teams are assigned either white or red, which contrasts the vivid green color of the field. 

While it is based on a retro game, the ball and field scrolling move at a sensible 50 frames per second. It may not be as fast as the usual 60 frames per second, but it will still be difficult to tell which player you are controlling once the match starts. Another thing that will take some getting used to is the removal of players entering the field of play so suddenly. 

Gameplay hits the goal

CPC Soccer Community Edition is a great casual game to play for retro game enthusiasts and soccer fans alike. While it lacks the showmanship of current titles like Dream League Soccer and Pro Evolution Soccer, it’s great for focusing on the mechanics of soccer rather than the events that surround it. Lastly, it offers a sense of nostalgia for players that experienced the Amstrad CPC console firsthand. 


  • Mimics the gameplay of Amstrad CPC game
  • Straightforward game mechanics
  • 20 different teams to choose from
  • Supports multiplayer mode


  • Displays in 50 frames per second
  • Jarring entrance and exit of players


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CPC Soccer Community Edition


CPC Soccer Community Edition 1.0 for PC


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